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GATE is a exam of common sense and basic knowledge . Every their lakh of students appear for this exam of only 1000 or say 2000 lucky students get selected for premier institutes of india for course. Some students do it via reading only standard books and some requires a guide to achieve this . So, before starting review for the GATEBOOK, first you should know about your guide Kiran Kumar Pasupuleti

Who is Kiran Kumar Pasupuleti

Founder of the GATEBOOK,  got AIR 10th in GATE 2006 and Joined IISc. He has trained more than ten thousand students in the career tenure of last ten years. And many of his students got into  IITs/IISc and other premier colleges. And his coaching has helped many students to achieve their career goals.

Great motivator and an intellectual who can teach most difficult computer science concepts with an ease you never feel that you are studying the tough concepts. His mission for this year is to send at least 100 students to IITs and other top institutes like IIITs, NITs through online support in terms of video lectures, test series, and complete guidance throughout the year.


He is a good teacher as well as good motivator . His teaching style is awesome ad he provides almost everything that GATE exam requires . He start his video lecture of any subject with very basics and the slowly move to advanced topics . You will also find most of previous year questions in his video lecture .

Also , his quality video lecture is cheap compared to some other online coachings like Ravindrababu Ravula ,GateForum etc. Currently they are offering following this Course Plans :

  • ProGate 2019 (INR 15,000)
  • ProGate 2020 (INR 22,000)
  • Test Series  2019 (INR 2,500)

Mission-IIT (Offline) [Free]

Started by Kiran Sir and Arjun Suresh Sir (Admin of GateOverflow) .In this , you will be provided with free GATEBOOK video Lectures but you have to pay accomodation and food charges . Main motive of this program is to provide better environment for students so that they can focus effectively on their studies . Following are key Points :

  • Only top 30 Students through interview will be selected
  • Course Start date – 1 July 2018
  • 24/7 Internet will be provided
  • Daily Assignment
  • Course Duration 6-7 Months
  • Mission is to send maximum students to IIT/IISC

Read More : GATEBOOK launched Mission 30 Initiative


I have seen many people who are confuse between RBR Video lecture and GateBook Video lectures . See , both videos lectures are good and each has some pros and cons. You can join anyone ,depends on what suits you. It is possible that what suits other may not suits you . Moreover, demo video lectures of both online institutes are available . Just watch it and decide accordingly. After watching both videos i find RBR video lecture as more attractive and good (in my case), his way of delivering a lecture is too good and way of explaining a difficult topics through examples is just awesome . But , course price is more than ~INR 30,000 which is double of GateBook course price.  This is the reason most of students doesnt like RBR lectures and get confused, but my suggestion is – if you need good coaching then just worry about 15K or 30K for a year , this 15K or 30K will change your future .

Only thing which i had seen where RBR Video lecture is lagging is Discrete maths but you can get free video lecture of discrete maths by GATEBOOK on youtube.

You can join any of this institutes . Both are good and you will not regrete but just don’t get deviated by what others say . Choose any one and make your decision as best by doing proper and consistent study. Its not institute , its you who guarantee that you will be in top 100 or above 100.

Pros of The GATEBOOK

  1. Good Video Lectures and cover almost full GATE Syllabus
  2. Great team support
  3. This year Arjun suresh Sir also become part of this , so you can expect more quality support and study material.
  4. Lots of previous questions are there in video lectures.
  5. Excellent test series .

Why Online Class is Better ?

Relatively cheaper than Classroom course and can save a lot of time for you . Best thing about any online course is that you can watch it anytime, anywhere . Watch it at anytime that suits you.
It is not easy for a final year students to attend college and after that go to classroom course. It is hectic for them to come and attend classes from a distant place; On the other hand you can learn from online videos at your own place.

  • You can watch videos as many time as you need to clear your concepts.
  • Strict time table in classroom course but no such requirement in online class.

These are some points that are important . But i would like to mention here that just following Online course is not sufficient to secure a good rank. You need to practice lot of question (focus more on previous year questions) and be consistent in your study . Discipline to learn is highly required in case of online class .


  • Videos are of long time . It would be good if they were of 20 to 30 Minute . Many Students find long videos as boring
  • Your doubt will not be cleared instantly, but you can expect early reply compared to RBR team.
  • Some Subjects like Computer Network are average (They are preparing new video lectures for CN)


This is a good online institute. I can surely ranked it as #2 after Ravindrababu Ravula eclasses . For maths i would ranked it as #1 (Most parts are Freely available on youtube) . So , overall this is a recommended institute. Remember, coaching institutes just play a role of 10-20 % , you need self discipline and consistency to achieve your goal.


Video Lectures : 4.0/5

Test Series : 4.5/5

If you are not comfortable with online lectures then Ace Academy (Hyderabad) & Made easy (Delhi) may be a good option for You.

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  1. So, the best thing to do is merge both the courses, and a killer combination will be the outcome.

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