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Who is Ravindrababu Ravula

He is a well known name among GATE CS Aspirants. He is the most recognised technical trainer in the area of computer science in India. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science (IISc). He himself achieved a percentile of 99.64 in GATE 2007 . Almost half of the students now doing Masters at IISc and IITs in computer science have been trained by him in atleast one subject.

After doing Masters from IISc, Ravindra went on to work for Cisco Systems as a senior software engineer. He later left Cisco Systems for the passion he has for teaching. His core value is to change lives of millions using technology. He is a great teacher as well as motivation speaker too.


Here , i will tell you about Pros and cons of RBR eclasses. I had attend few classes in some classroom course as well as RBR eclasses . I had also interacted with many GATE Aspirants from various coaching institutes . Ok , So let’s start –

Let us start with a Basic & Most trending Question –

Can i get AIR 1 if i Join RBR Classes ?

Yes and why only with RBR classes you can join any coaching classes and can secure rank 1 .
You can also secure AIR 1 ,without a coaching class .. Be passionate for that and follow standard textbooks grab concepts and solve all previous year Question + Standard question . It is sufficient for AIR 1.

It had seen many toppers who secured AIR 1 without any coaching classes and also seen toppers who followed only coaching institute notes . So, where is the difference ? .. Just follow what suits you. In my case , i was not able to understand standard book earlier so joining an institute was my need . and i believe that GATE is not only about being knowledgable .
GATE means Knowledge + Time Management + Ability to handle pressure
Everyone Between Rank 1 and 300 is suitable candidate for AIR 1 but what make difference is your ability to handle pressure and avoid silly mistakes.

Coaching classes for GATE is usually required for those students whose basics are not good and they are not good with studying standard Text book . and Ravindrababu Ravula course is Perfect for them . RBR Class is like a Standard text book in Easy language . I am not saying that videos will cover each and every topics but surely it will cover more than 85% of topics .

In your initial days of preparation you may find some difficulty if you are learning through videos for the first time but after a Week or 15 Days , you will get habit of it and watching videos for 4-6 Hour will be very easy for you.


  1. He start from very basics in every subjects , Even if a student who don’t know much about Computer science can easily learn from their video and can secure top ranks in GATE CS. You can find many Examples of EE & ECE Students who joined RBR class and secured rank under top 100.
  2. Full course is in English but trust me even a Students who just know basics of english can easily understand all of his video lectures (Very Simple English).
  3. Every subject video are in sequence and the way in which he teaches is just awesome . You will never feel Bored (except in 2 or 3 videos of CO) .
  4. Study material provided by them is standard and you will find lot of question on each topics.
  5. Lot of Previous year questions has been explained in videos in an effective way . So, it is like you are completing a topic and solving GATE question parallely . It will boost your confidence.
  6. Test Series is Good . You will find topic tests, subject tests, multi-subject test and full syllabus test. All are good . Solutions are well explained.
  7. Good Support team. They have team from IIT’s and IISC who will clear all your doubt within 24 Hour . If you are not able to understood a topic, they will taught you those topics over phone  .
  8. He is a great motivator and he will keep you motivated throughout the year .
  9. All Subject taught very nicely and in a sequence.
  10. He also provide Hand written Notes  (which can be used to refer some point if missing in videos – but those notes are not of his classes probably of Ace Academy or Made Easy)

Why Online Class is Better ?

Relatively cheaper than Classroom course and can save a lot of time for you . Best thing about any online course is that you can watch it anytime, anywhere . Watch it at anytime that suits you.
It is not easy for a final year students to attend college and after that go to classroom course. It is hectic for them to come and attend classes from a distant place; On the other hand you can learn from online videos at your own place.

  • You can watch videos as many time as you need to clear your concepts.
  • Strict time table in classroom course but no such requirement in online class.

These are some points that are important . But i would like to mention here that just following Online course is not sufficient to secure a good rank. You need to practice lot of question (focus more on previous year questions) and be consistent in your study . Discipline to learn is highly required in case of online class .


There is no such big disadvantage , but here i am going to mention few points Where RBR class is lagging :

  1. Test Series Interface is not good.
  2. Your doubt will not be cleared instantly , you will have to wait for 24 Hour (But Gateoverflow + RBR Class is Blessing for GATE CSE Aspirants – Just post your doubts on GO Facebook Group or RBR FB Group and get answer Quickly)
  3. Discrete mathematics is Average. But even in this case you can follow GATEBOOK Free lecture for DMS.

Check Also – Free Video Lectures for GATE CS

I had mentioned most of the points regarding RBR classes. Once again i am saying that coaching classes is not mondatory to crack GATE Exam .

Some Peoples require coach and some people learn by themselves. It depends on Person to Person .

You can watch free Video Lectures of Ravindrabu Ravula Here . Though all lectures are not free but you can get overall idea of quality of this online course.

One more thing i want to mention here – If you talk with some IITian or IISCian then they may say that GATE is easy , but always remember it was easy for them because they work hard for that.


One of the Best Coaching for GATE CS Aspirants (if you are comfortable with Online classes).

Our Rating :

  • For Lectures  (4.5/5)
  • For Test Series (3.5/5) —- Need to improve Exam Interface (They had changed their exam interface , will let you know about test interface and Quality soon)

If you are not comfortable with online lectures then Ace Academy (Hyderabad) & Made easy (Delhi) may be a good option for You.


    1. Souradeep Sen Gupta Could you Please some of screenshots for GATE Aspirants . So that they can know about interface before joining

      1. Ok, will share a screenshot.
        I had given only one, so when I give the second exam I’ll take a snap .

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