Ravindrababu Ravula eclasses External Pdf Notes (Open Resource)

This articles include the subject notes link provided by RBR . These are not his own classroom notes .

According to Official Website : Please note that this is not my own classroom notes. Your competitors will be reading this notes and so if you have time, please go through it. In case if I have overlooked any concept, it will help you in covering that. In any case, this should not be considered as the substitute to my video lectures. In case of any conflict between my videos and the notes, please use your good judgement to resolve. I am not responsible for any mistakes in these notes and please don’t email me any doubts from these handouts.

These notes are provided by RBR Team to look at it such that if any topics get missed in class then you should read those topics.

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Even i am not sure that whether it is RBR Classroom notes or some other institutes notes .

Note : These Links are just provided to check what other institutes taught . We do not guarantee accuracy of these contents . We recommend you to follow standard books only.


  1. Can someone please send the detailed syllabus for CO he use to teach I mean sequence of lecture topic and sub topic

    1. Sequence is:
      1) Cache
      2) Memory Interfacing
      3) Secondary Memory
      4) Machine Instruction
      5) ALU
      6) IO Interface
      7) Pipeline

      I do not remember exact subtopics sequence.

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