Leaky Bucket VS Tocket Bucket Difference

Leaky Bucket :

Main working steps

  1. When the host has to send a packet , packet is thrown in bucket.
  2. Bucket leaks at constant rate.
  3. Bursty traffic is converted into uniform traffic by leaky bucket.
  4. In practice bucket is a finite queue outputs at finite rate.

Token Bucket :

Main working steps

  1. In this leaky bucket holds tokens generated at regular intervals of time.
  2. Bucket has maximum capacity.
  3. If there is a ready packet , a token is removed from Bucket and packet is send.
  4. If there is a no token in bucket, packet can not be send.

Main advantage of token Bucket over leaky bucket –

1.If bucket is full in token Bucket , token are discard not packets.

While in leaky bucket , packets are discarded.

2. token Bucket can send Large bursts can faster rate while leaky bucket always sends packets at constant rate.

Note : Leaky Bucket is more restrictive than Token Bucket.


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