Latest GATE Overflow Book- Q/A (Only Previous GATE/TIFR/CMI/ISI)

Update September 2017

This is a minor update over the last one removing some non-previous year questions which happened to come by mistake and also removing the background for questions and answers for better print quality.

GO2017-vol1 – Engineering Mathematics, Discrete Mathematics, General Aptitude

GO2017-vol2 – Algorithms, DS, Programming, TOC, Compilers

GO2017-vol3 – COA, CN, DBMS, Digital Logic, OS

New Features:

  • GATE 1987-1990 and 2017 questions added
  • New color scheme
  • ISI/CMI questions also added
  • Questions in each topic are now counted
  • All the questions are classified to a topic

Update October 2016

This is the recommended book by me for Q/A for GATE. Last year, exams like ISRO, IIIT-H and some PSU exams including Kerala had many previous year GATE questions ditto. Though such things happen only for aptitude section in GATE, many other questions are derivatives of previous year questions. TIFR questions are also of the same level if not a bit harder. I do not recommend any other questions.

New features:

  • Added number of questions to each Category
  • Better Topic listing
  • Ability to move to topic heading from any question and category head from any topic
  • Moved all answers to end of each topic
  • Topics added as bookmark in supported PDF viewers

Update April 2016

Some features:

  • Tags added to each question
  • Questions are ordered not only by subject but also by topic
  • Up-votes for answers showing the amount of acceptance

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