IPv4 VS IPv6 Difference

Difference between IPv4 and IPv6 is One of Important topics for GATE CS/IT.

Address Space is 32 bit Address Space is of 128 bit
The Length of header is 20-60 Byte The length of Header is 40 Byte
The Number of header field is 12 The Number of header field is 8
Checksum is used to measure error in header Required. Checksum field eliminited from header as error in the IP header are of very crucial
Internet Protocol Security wrt Network Security is Optional Internet Protocol Security wrt Network Security is Mondatory
Does not identify packet flow for QoS handling Contains Flow Label field that specifies packet flow for QoS handling
Fragmentation is done by both sending host and Router Fragmentation is done by Sender only
Clients have to approach DHCP whenver connect to a Network Client do not have to approach any such server as they given permanent address
Connectionless Generally Connectionless but it can be made connection Oriented using flow label
Broadcast – YES Broadcast – NO
Stateful Stateless

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