IIT Hyderabad Interview Experience by Rahul Shah | AIR 352 GATE CS

Here is the Interview Experience of Rahul Shah at IIT Hyderabad. This Experience has been published in his own words.

Hi All, My name is Rahul Shah.Here i am sharing my Interview Experience of IIT Hyderabad M.tech (TA) 2 year CS program. My gate results are following…

GATE Rank 352
Score 751
Marks 58.67

I Didn’t get any seat during COAP Rounds and IIT Hyderabad Takes Interview for Spot round which held after finishing all COAP‘s rounds. I got Interview call on 2nd July, we have interview on 5th July.

We have Written test following by interview. Syllabus is Algorithm, Discrete Maths, DS, OS, CN, Compiler, DBMS, Probability, C/ C++/ Java.

Written Test is not filtering Shortlisted Candidates . All candidates got selected for interview.

Written Test

We have 3 Subjective Questions with 1 Hr.

1) Write a program for Calculation Mk  ,for given M is matrix (n*n size)   and k is variable.
-> Simple meaning is suppose k=3 , answer is (M*M*M)
2) Prove,  nlogn – n + 7 = O(nlogn) by Big oh definition.
3) Write a Algorithm for given pointers of two nodes in a Binary tree with height of tree as ‘h’ ,Find the least common Ancestor of Two nodes.

->In this question i made tragedy, I forgot the meaning of ancestor ,i have written full code assuming ancestor means parent, then later on i rub by doing cross line i thought i am not sure meaning of ancestor.

 -> After finishing written test i just check meaning of ancestor on google,the code which i have written was correct i feel like dude i made mistake which unjustified my self.I thought i will point of this thing in interview becoz i have rub but still code is visible.


Professor :-  Hi, What is your gate score ?

Me:-   In this year, i got 751. Last year I got AIR -1172 & score 651

Professor:- Last Year, You got good rank why you taken gate again? what had you done last one year?

Me:- It was my final year. Last year rank is good but not enough to get into IIT. Last year i prepare Gate, did Project, want start a startup so I did research part and to make deal I need to go china so, i delay this things will do it after Mtech.

Professor :  Ok, What Subjects Do you Like?

Me:- Data Structure and Algo

Professor:- What is difference between Stack and Queue, with real life example?

Me:- I explain theory and real life example.

Professor:- What are the different way we can implement stack and queue?

B:- I explain both Array and Linked List.

Professor:- Explain both implementation with Advantage and Disadvantage.

Me:- i Explain using Time Complexity , Different operation, real life example.

>Then they started checking my written test Answer Sheet.

Me:- Before sir you start checking my written paper i just wanna tell you one thing, In question 3, at the time of written test i forget the meaning of ancestor.I have written code by assuming ancestor=parent .Eventually the code which i had written was correct but i rub it.If you give me chance i just wanna justify my code.

Professor:- Ya sure, You can explain what you have written.

Me:- I explained  them every thing i have written.

Professor:- Can you tell me time complexity and space complexity?

Me:- I told them.

Professor:- Can you reduce space complexity?

Me:- I told them i already seen minimum line code on Internet after written test.

( One professor appreciate my honesty ,i feel this is key point in my interview.)

Professor:- Can you tell me time complexity for Program 1 you have written?

Me:- I said ,it is O( k * N^3)

Professor:- Can you reduce (N^3)

Me:- I use white Board  and tried , I couldn’t .

Professor:- They said fine .Can you reduce K?

Me:- Again i was doing on board.

Professor:- Speak up what are you doing and what is your thought


Me:- (Suddenly i was trying something on board. I get clue to reduce k to log k).I explain them how it come.

Professor:- They say very good. Have you got seats from any other IIT?

Me:- No,I got one seats from IIIT Bangalore

Professor:- Best of LUCK,….

On the same day night 8:00 pm I got mail , you are selected for IIT Hyd (TA) 2 year for CS

Tips for Interview:-

  1. Listen their question very carefully .Give answer in that direction only. Don’t answer here and there.
  2. They just check your thought process.
  3. It’s not compulsory you should know everything but basic should be clear…
  4. I have given first interview in IISC CSA dept.i failed in that.but i did analysis of myself and add into my bucket which is require.So,better you see somebody failure’s experience that can helps you a lot.


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