IIIT Hyderabad Details , Placement and Experiences

IIIT Hyderabad is among the most prestigious institution of india. It is considered equivalent to Old IIT’s. If you are considering placement as primary criteria to measure education quality then you will be suprised to know that average Salary offered to a Mtech CSE Students is 16.6 LPA (which is greater than few Old IIT’s) and even more for students with dual degree in IIITH . They conduct there own exam named as PGEE for Mtech Admission.

Only downside (not actually downside) is that It has tution fee of Rs 1,25,000 Per semester which is high in comparison to Any IIT’s , NIT but its not a issue , you will easily get a loan and your package will be much higher after passout from IIITH. I had seen many Parents who doesn’t allow their children for IIIT Hyderabad in preferene to new IIT or NIT because IIITH is not a Government college , its Indian mentality that –

” People prefer Government institutions but not government Hospitals . It is more tough to get a Government job than Iadmission in IIT . You can see many Articles in Indian Newspaper that PHD and M.tech Students are applying for Sweepers Post”

But trust me , if you got admission in IIITH then don’t leave it just for the reason that it is not a Government Institution/High Tution Fee . Have you heard of MIT/Standford/Oxford ? Do you know their Fee Structure ? They all are private research institutions . Tution fee is approx. 14500 dollars per semester or Rupees 7,00,000 approx.

IIIT-H is Always preferrable in comparison to New IIT’s and NIT’s.

Here i am providing you links for some good articles available over internet for PGEE Exam Experience.

  1. How is the PG Entrance Exam for IIIT-H for computer science? How does one prepare? How is the interview? Do you have any tips for aspirants?
  2. What it is like to study computer science at IIIT-H?
  3. IIIT Hyderabad Placement – Official Link
2014 Top 3 overall and top 1 on placement.
2013 Top 3 overall and top 1 on placement.
2012 Top 3 overall and top 1 on placement.
2011 Top 5 overall and top 1 on placement.
2010 Top 5 overall and top 3 on placement.
2009 Top 7 overall and top 5 on placement.
2008 Top 7 overall and top 3 on placement.
2007 Top 9 overall and top 5 on placement.
2006 Top 10 overall

As per official news :

Average Salary for M.Tech CSE at IIITH  : 16.46 LPA

Lowest Salary for M.Tech CSE at IIITH  :8 LPA

Highest Salary for M.Tech CSE at IIITH  :27 LPA

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Admissions are open in Monsoon and Spring semesters every year.  Applicants (with exceptional academics along with R&D working experience) interested in research programmes are allowed to apply anytime in the year through the Standing Committee by sending their curriculum vitae (CV). Working professionals who are employed at Hyderabad and have a desire to pursue higher studies on a part-time basis can also apply to the Post Graduate Student Status Programme (PGSSP).


B.E./B.Tech./M.E./M.Tech. (any branch including CSE/ECE/EEE/Civil/ Biotechnology), B.Arch., Masters Degree in Science/Mathematics/Information Technology/Computers/MCA Programmes.

Programmes : M. Tech., M.S., Ph. D.

Application Fee : Rs.2000/- (Non-Refundable)

Application Portal for PG Mode Opens : 10th February, 2018

Date of entrance examination : April 21, 2018 (Saturday)

Time of examination : 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM (Paper I following by Paper II)

General Aptitute (Paper I) : 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Subject Paper (Paper II) : 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Last date for submission of application : [Submission of application deadline has been extended till March 21,  2018 March 26, 2018]

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