GATE Toppers Strategy | Swyam Prakash Singh AIR 6 – GATE CS 2018

Swyam Prakash Singh IISc Bangalore - GATE CS toppers

Swyam Prakash Singh, a hard-working student who completed his bachelors in ECE Stream and with his dedication & hard work he secured AIR 6 in CS Stream which is a dream even for many of students who pursued his bachelors in CS Stream.

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

Que : Introduce Yourself and What was your Educational Background ?

Swyam : I am Swyam Prakash Singh.I Graduated from HBTI KANPUR in ECE in 2017

Que : Your Rank in GATE 2018 ?

Swyam : AIR 6

Que : Why you chose GATE ?

Swyam : I was from ece , mine interest was in computer science so i choose GATE to persue my interest further.

Que : When You had started Preparation for GATE ?

Swyam : I started my proper preparation for GATE 2018 from July, 2017

Que : Had Joined Any Coachings ? Either Online or Offline ?

Swyam : I joined Made Easy.

Que : What Was your GATE Strategy ?

Swyam : In initial 4 month,my strategy was to solidify my concept along practice.In last three monthi use the test series to repair my weaknesses.

Que : Subjects In which you face Difficulty ?

Swyam : I face difficulty in Computer Network and Some part of CO.

Que : How Many Times you had revised Notes / Previous Year Papers ?

Swyam: Except some subject question,i had cover the prev gate question paper one time,notes revision was nearly only 2-3 times in last 2 months along with test series .

Que : In Which College You had Finally Joined & Why ?

Swyam : IISc Bangalore,i find iisc suits more to my interest than iit B or iit D

Que : Any PSU Offers?

Swyam : Didn’t Applied

Que : Which Test Series You had Joined ?

Swyam : Madeeasy,ace and testbook

Que : Any Message for Future Aspirants ?

Swyam :Try to focus more on maths/aptitude,care your health and make proper schedule which you can follow .Be consistent so that you can avoid stress Dont left any stone which later makes you feel guilty.

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