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Shreya Alva , a cool & Knowlegable girl from Mumbai who left her job to do masters from Old IIT’s/IISc . Her Performance in academics was always excellent and she was also college topper (i guess this trend will be continue in IIT-B too 🙂 ). So , i believe success is not a new thing for shreya but definately this success is something different because this is going to change her life.

Apart from academics , she do time pass on youtube . Food Lover & had  interest in animation, manga and Kpop . Little interest in Sports activities but she is health-conscious.

If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

Que : Introduce Yourself and What was your Educational Background ?

Shreya : I am Shreya Alva. I had completed my B.Tech from CSE Stream in 2017.

Que : Your Rank in GATE 2018 ?

Shreya : AIR 7

Que : Why you chose GATE ?

Shreya : I wanted to do my Masters in India as that is where I saw myself settling down. Ravindrababu’s video about future aspirations also influenced this choice.

Que : When You had started Preparation for GATE ?

Shreya : I started my proper preparation for GATE 2018 in the first week of July 2017. I had appeared for GATE 2017 as well so I had prepared a few subjects like data structures, algorithms, operating systems and computer networks (not completely) from Ravindrababu’s video lectures during 7th semester.

Que : Had Joined Any Coachings ? Either Online or Offline ?
Que : What Was your GATE Strategy ?

Shreya : I used to study from video lectures, solve practice sets and last 25 year’s questions and then give topic tests soon after to check my coverage of the syllabus. I had a time table drawn up in Excel allotting days for each subject to enforce a sense of accountability. The rough plan was to finish the syllabus and topic tests by mid September and then give subject tests and revise the syllabus (2 times) till the end of November. December onwards I got started with full length tests. I had enrolled for Ace and Made Easy’s test series.

Que : Subjects In which you face Difficulty ?

Shreya : Discrete mathematics was a bit challenging. Otherwise, I struggled more or less equally with all the others, for different reasons.

Que : How Many Times you had revised Notes / Previous Year Papers ?

Shreya : I revised notes twice, and between mock tests in a less structured manner. I solved the previous year questions thrice – once during preparation, second time to prepare for ISRO’s written test and third time in January during the last 2 weeks.

Que : In Which College You had Finally Joined & Why ?

Shreya : I joined IITB because it’s awesome. Also because I’m from Mumbai.

Que : Any PSU Offers?

Shreya : I left my job to do my Masters and since by God’s grace I can enroll in said program, I didn’t harbour any serious PSU aspirations.

Que : Which Test Series You had Joined ?

Shreya : Ace and Made Easy. I used to find Made Easy more challenging.

Que : Any Message for Future Aspirants ?

Shreya : Have faith and self discipline. It’s normal to struggle with low days, mild frustration and distractions from time to time. You should be able to get over it. Try using a reward system for yourself, maybe half an hour of Facebook or 1 episode of some non-addictive Tv series. Use a Google chrome extension to block distracting websites if you have to.

During the early months of my preparation my test scores used to be a bit disappointing. But they also helped me get an idea of where I stand. And fortunately as time went on, they got better.

Give at least a few mock tests and have a strategy in place to decide how you go about solving the exam. I started with aptitude section because it gave me confidence and it’s quick, easy marks. Read the questions carefully, trite though this advice may seem. Make sure you carefully review your mistakes and difficult questions at the end of each test.

Finally, try to get adequate sleep the day before the exam. I barely slept due to debilitating fear, but I know from experience that being calm, collected and sharp is the best place to be.

TLDR; just read Ravi Shankar Mishra’s article for all the resources to study for GATE. Also, GATE Overflow and GeeksForGeeks are major saviors.

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Thank You Shreya for this article . I believe that many of students specially girls will get motivated for higher education by seeing your achievements. Wish you a bright career ahead.

In case of any doubts related to this , you can ask via comment box provided below. More stories will be published soon.

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