GATE Toppers Strategy | Prasanna Patil AIR 19 – GATE CS

GATE Toppers Strategy | Prasanna Patil AIR 19 – GATE CS

Prasanna Patil , a talented student who had secured AIR 19 in GATE 2018 CS/IT Paper . He got selected in Google Summer of Code 2017 . He always wanted to do higher studies from Premier Institutes of India so he rejected Job offer of INR 12 LPA from HSBC for his in Indian Institute of Science. His hobby is Reading Novels.

Que : Introduce Yourself and What was your Educational Background ?

Prasanna : I am Prasanna Patil. I had completed my B.Tech from CSE Stream .

Que : Your Rank in GATE 2018 ?

Prasanna : AIR 19

Que : Why you chose GATE ?

Prasanna : Higher studies

Que : When You had started Preparation for GATE ?

Prasanna : I started my proper preparation for GATE 2018 from September, 2017

Que : Had Joined Any Coachings ? Either Online or Offline ?

Prasanna : I joined ICE gate academy.

Que : What Was your GATE Strategy ?

Prasanna : Start doing subjects one by one and do previous year questions along with it. Also create short notes for each subject. Once all subjects are done. Revise from short notes and attempt online subject wise test series. When around 45 days are left, start attempting full syllabus tests. Identify mistakes in the test results and make another version of short notes based on those mistakes. Along with full syllabus tests, keep revising subjects everyday untill GATE exam day from both short notes. It generally takes 3-4 days to revise all subjects in short notes. Also, if possible, resolve past year questions during this time. Keep working on your mistakes. If you have time than make an effort to learn the concept entirely. Solve until solution is satisfactory and all concepts are clear. Take help of online resources such as gate overflow and geeks for geeks to learn correct concepts and in depth understanding of answers. Maintain the momentum till the day of exam. Relax a bit on the day just before exam and hope for the best on the day of exams.

Que : Subjects In which you face Difficulty ?
Que : How Many Times you had revised Notes / Previous Year Papers ?

Prasanna: I revised short notes almost 10-15 times and solved previous year questions 3 times at least.

Que : In Which College You had Finally Joined & Why ?

Prasanna : IISc

Que : Any PSU Offers?

Prasanna : Nope

Que : Which Test Series You had Joined ?

Prasanna : Madeeasy

Que : Any Message for Future Aspirants ?

Prasanna : Many people have myth that you must prepare for a year without any other work or distraction to get a good rank. Some say it takes at least 2 attempts to get rank in top 100. That’s all just a myth. One can easily make into top 100 just by concentrated effort of 5 months. Do hard work and smart work. Don’t let temporary discourage you. Path to success is a long and difficult one but its worth it.

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