GATE Toppers Strategy | Pragati Kumar Singh AIR 59 – GATE CS

GATE Toppers Strategy | Pragati Kumar Singh AIR 59 - GATE CS
Computer science Stream is one of the most popular course across the globe and usually CS students get higher salary than other stream students. Success is not new to Pragati¬† as he was also batch topper in his B.Tech and as Dr. Apj Abdul Kalam Said “Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” , pragati followed the same thought and work hard consistently to fulfill his dream to persue higher education in IISC/Old IITs.

Que : Introduce Yourself and What was your Educational Background ?

Pragati : I am Pragati Kumar Singh . I had secured AIR 59 in GATE 2018 . I am 2017 graduate from a govt. college of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Technical University. I did my B-tech from IT branch.

Que : Your Rank in GATE 2018 ?

Pragati : AIR 59

Que : Why you chose GATE ?

Pragati : I did my graduation from an institute which lacked an environment needed by an engineer to nourish its potential. So I decided to pursue higher studies from one of the best institutes in India i.e. IISc or old IITs.

Que : When You had started Preparation for GATE ?

Pragati : I officially started my preparation from June 2017 by joining a coaching for GATE.

Que : Had Joined Any Coachings ? Either Online or Offline ?

Pragati : Yes. I joined Made Easy Lucknow center (classroom course) and apart from that I took an online coaching too (which i literally didn’t get time to utilize).

NOTE: If you are a serious aspirant then focusing on one coaching with be more than enough. Try not to enroll yourself to both modes of preparation (online and offline) simultaneously. you’ll never get time to do justice to both (my personal experience).

Que : What Was your GATE Strategy ?

Pragati : My preparation had two phases.


During this period I was in a learning phase. I used to go to classes daily and clear my concepts there. Whatever I used to study in the class I try to revise it on the same day once. my flow was exactly according to the flow of the class i.e. I study the subject and try to complete it within the time frame of coaching for that subject. After completion of the subject I used to solve all the workbook and previous year questions related to that subject. I hardly got the time for standard books.


Till this period all my subjects were completed once. Now I allotted the time for revising and giving test on the daily basis. I used to revise the subjects and then give all the test which were subject specific in test series. This whole process went on till January mid. After mid of January I started giving mock tests and CBTs. During this period I tried covering all the leftover topics but didn’t get time to cover Computer network which costed me the crucial rank deciding marks.

Que : Subjects In which you face Difficulty ?

Pragati : I was from IT branch so my course didn’t consist COA. subject during B-tech so I struggled for a while in COA. but after one point it seemed most interesting subject to me. I faced difficulty in C.N. and had to leave it during revision.

Que : How Many Times you had revised Notes / Previous Year Papers ?

Pragati : I think revision should be done based on the topics and not the subject. More you revise the notes more will it be beneficial. Solving previous year once is sufficient.

Que : In Which College You had Finally Joined & Why ?

Pragati : I am joining IISc bangalore in course work at C.S.A. department.

Que : Any PSU Offers?

Pragati : I got the interview call from all the organisations and PSUs I applied. Some of them are IOCL, BARC, DRDO.

Que : Which Test Series You had Joined ?

Pragati : I joined only Made Easy Online Test Series

Que : Any Message for Future Aspirants ?

Pragati :  I want to suggest all the gate aspirants to keep in mind some points.

1. Try not to get demotivated often. There are times during the preparation when you feel low and its okay to feel like that but try not to be that zone for a long time as it hinders your further preparation and distort the previous one.

2. The sole purpose of test series is just to analyse your present preparation and improve. Don’t get too excited when you get good marks and don’t get too depressed when you get low marks. Just keep on improving yourself with each test.

3. Do a thorough self analysis and make a strategic plan for yourself. Try to follow this plan with full dedication. Plan should not be in hours per day, it should be no. of topics and questions per day.

4. Try maintaining peace of mind whenever you study a new topic. Same goes when you give any mock.

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