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Deepak Poonia , who enjoyed his college life a lot but forget to do one thing i.e Study . As a Result of this , at the end of 4th Year he became one of the highlighted Person in College with 14 Backlogs . During a viva , by seeing his appearance (long beard) and Zero knowledge related to subject , a Faculty challenged him that he can’t do anything in his life. “Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough” – With this thought Deepak started preparation for GATE . Journey was not easy but his hard work & determination made it possible. Now he is an IIScian.

In an exclusive interview with Deepak Poonia , he shared his GATE Journey and Challenges his face during this journey. Following are Interview Excerpts :

Que : Introduce Yourself and What was your Educational Background ?

Deepak : I am Deepak Poonia .I had 14 Backlogs in B.Tech, Did 4 Years of B.Tech in 5 Years.

Que : Your Rank in GATE 2018 ?

Deepak : AIR 67

Que : Why you chose GATE ?

Deepak : My B.Tech life was a complete mess. I had so many Backlogs, No company had allowed me to even sit for placements. So, It Needed to change my life, become better. Undo what I had done or at least Neglect its effect on my future or career. Then a Friend suggested GATE. And I started preparing for GATE exam. It is totally worth it getting into IISc. The Best Feeling Ever.

Que : When You had started Preparation for GATE ?

Deepak : Immediately After final Year. From June 2016.

Que : Had Joined Any Coachings ? Either Online or Offline ?

Deepak : Yes. I joined Made Easy offline coaching in 2016 and 2017. And I enrolled in Ravindrababu Ravula online course in 2017.

Que : What Was your GATE Strategy ?

Deepak : There was No specific GATE strategy in the beginning. I just wanted to learn all the subjects in GATE and Understand Computer Science. Along with learning concepts, I used to solve all the previous GATE questions from that concept/subject. Once I got all the concepts that are there in the GATE syllabus, I started practicing…a lot. I started solving Previous GATE, ISRO, TIFR papers from Gateoverflow website. And I started solving exercises from Standard books of almost all subjects (except CN , Compilers etc) ….. I believe Practice is the way to fix all the concepts in mind that you have learnt. So, Practice hell a lot.

Que : Subjects In which you face Difficulty ?

Deepak : Computer Network. I don’t like it. Though I got 90% marks in it in GATE 2018. But I don’t like it.

Que : How Many Times you had revised Notes / Previous Year Papers ?

Deepak : I solved all the previous GATE questions around 3-4 times. Each question of Previous GATE at least 3-4 times.

Que : In Which College You had Finally Joined & Why ?

Deepak : IISc, Banglore. Because It is unique, top ranked, research oriented. And I am looking forward to make career in Academics, Because that is what I love and am good at.

Que : Any PSU Offers?

Deepak : Never applied in any. I just want to pursue M.Tech from IISc.

Que : Which Test Series You had Joined ?

Deepak : Made Easy, Ace.

Que : Any Message for Future Aspirants ?

Deepak : Learn. Understand all the basic concepts and Practice. Practice like you are hungry for Questions. Your past doesn’t matter….Or Don’t let it matter. All the very best. See you in IISc next year 🙂

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