GATE CSE Short Notes For Last Days Preparation By Ankur Gupta

These short notes are Good for Last days Preparation for GATE CS/IT.

Notes Available for following Subjects :

1.“Discrete Mathematics”

2. “Engineering Mathematics”

3. “Graph Theory”

4. “Digital Logic”

5. “Computer Organization and Architecture”

6. “Data Structures and Algorithms”

7. “Theory of Computation” and “NPC”

8. “Compiler Design”

9. “Operating Systems”

10. “Database Management Systems”

11. “Computer Networks”

About Ankur Gupta

Working as a software engineer with Citrix R&D India Private Ltd. He had done his post graduation from Department of Computer Science and AutomationIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore in Database Management Systems under Prof. Jayant Haritsa. Prior to joining Indian Institute of Science, he was working with Education and Research unit of Infosys Limited as a Systems Engineer  in Electronics City, Bangalore.

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