Computer Network | Circuit Switching VS Packet Switching

In circuit switching there are 3 phases
i) Connection Establishment.
ii) Data Transfer.
iii) Connection Released.
In Packet switching directly data transfer takes place .
In circuit switching, each data unit know the entire path address which is provided by the source In Packet switching, each data unit just know the final destination address intermediate path is decided by the routers.
In Circuit switching, data is processed at source system only In Packet switching, data is processed at all intermediate node including source system.
Delay between data units in circuit switching is uniform. Delay between data units in packet switching is not uniform.
Resource reservation is the feature of circuit switching because path is fixed for data transmission. There is no resource reservation because bandwidth is shared among users.
Circuit switching is more reliable. Packet switching is less reliable.
Wastage of resources are more in Circuit Switching Less wastage of resources as compared to Circuit Switching

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