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GATE Super 50 Batch Initiative by Few IIScians

For GATE 2019 Toppers
Official Notification GATE 2019 / PSU
Application Deadlines
  • IIIT H – 23 March 2019
  • CMI – 13 April 2019

Why GATEExams I can Attempt Along GATEIIT's Cutoff
  1. Because it is a lifetime opportunity to be in a world class institute
  2. PSUs do recruit from GATE
  3. Preparing for GATE do help in other exams
  4. Most people after Masters in IITs/NITs go for job and only few (less than 20%) go for Ph.D. So, don’t think GATE is meant for teachers
  5. Even after Ph.D. not everyone becomes a faculty. There are research jobs in companies like IBM-IRL, Microsoft Research, Xerox Research and many others
  6. Even if you want to do MS abroad preparing for GATE does no harm. It’ll surely help you for MS as GATE is checking just your basics in Computer Science subjects

  1. CSIR NET: Even B.Tech. people can write this exam. 50% exams come from CS topic while 50% from other areas like EC. This score helps your for Research admissions in IITs/IISc. Happens twice a year.
  2. UGC NET: Same as above but restricted to Master students (including MCA).
  3. TIFR: For those interested in Theoretical Computer Science. Happens in December.
    PGEEE: IIITH is comparable to old IITs. Even if you are not financially sound you should consider taking loan and joining here as you can easily pay back loan after studying here.
  4. BITS HD
  5. BARC
  6. Other PSU exams.